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vmc pop ups


Vibe Music Collective is bigger than the music. It is about the collective experience and the meeting of like individuals. Often hosted in unconventional spaces, Vibe Music Collective creates intimate encounters with their artists and their audience.



Vibe Music Collective's own Iman Omari and Cavalier head to Offbeat, Jackson Mississippi's only record shop to bring the vibe. Joined by Jackson's own Gios4ma and Donché, Offbeat was the perfect spot to close out summer. Music: Touched Down To Get Away by @Donchedidit recap @Cavwins and @Gios4ma Thank you to Offbeat Jackson!


Vibe Music Collective returns to New Orleans as a homecoming to celebrate the release of Cavalier's, Private Stock album and the city that set the back drop for Iman Omari's 'Higher Loops' and 'Ihy' albums. Joined by VMC and Louisiana's own AF THE NAYSAYER and songstress Luna Loxx, this was one love filled, incredible night. Special thanks to our host, laureate and artist Cubs The Poet and the 'millennial Arsenio', comedian DC Paul


VMC’s Quelle Chris and Cavalier pop show in Bushwick.

"You askin' how I feel about your album, well its cute" - Quelle Chris Check this beautiful moment recap from Quelle Chris' performance during our pop up in Bushwick for Quelle Chris & Cavalier Live Release event.

"It's culture cleansing, it's not gentrification no more..." - Cavalier Anotherl moment recap from Cavalier's performance during our pop up in Bushwick for Quelle Chris & Cavalier Live Release event. Celebrating the releases of Quelle Chris & Jean Grae's 'Everything's Fine' and Cavalier's 'Private Stock' the too MCs brought it back to home base where they initially formed to record their infamous 'Niggas Is Men' album.


Vibe Music Collective's own Iman Omari & Cavalier join legends, Mr. Dibia$e & stlndrms (Controllerise) for a special house party pop-up in downtown Atlanta , GA hosted by iloveyoufun Music: @stlndrms - ”Aquafina flip” aka 1 4 dibi


Vibe Music Collective's Quelle Chris & Cavalier brave Winter Storm Diego and are welcomed to Raleigh via the homies at Raund Haus, with support from Dawud Salim and Saint James. Raleigh, NC


Vibe Music Collective kicked off the an exclusive listening of Cavalier's 'Private Stock' album with a 4/20 celebration and tasting of Cavalier's Private Stock strain collaboration. Our lovely cohosts from 'Stay Gold' and Cannaclusive made sure the vibes were set high for an encompassing evening of live art, screenings, cannabis and tacos, all in heart of Los Angeles.